Step 1 First Contact: Contact us.

Step 2 First Interview: You will receive a reply from one of our members within a few days. We will need to ask some questions. Please answer as honestly as possible, no matter how strange you think it may sound.

Step 3 Preliminary Investigation: If we determine that an investigation is needed, a preliminary investigation will be scheduled. A team of our members will come to the location to conduct an in-depth interview and preliminary observations. This is usually done as soon as time permits. A full investigation may then be scheduled.

Step 4 Investigation: A team of investigators will visit the location. Extensive measurements and readings will be taken with electromagnetic sensors, thermal probes and motion detectors, and photographic and video equipment will be used.

Step 5 Research: Background research will be done. This may require information from you regarding the legal description of the property. This step may be conducted following the preliminary investigation.

Step 6 Findings: If you wish, results of the investigation will be compiled and a report will be issued to you at no cost.

Step 7 Cleansing the Location: We realize that most people who experience paranormal phenomena are frightened and want to rid themselves of this as soon as possible. Eliminating such phenomena is very tricky and sometimes may seem impossible. We will try our best to help, and if needed, we will bring in investigators from other groups who may be able to help. An exorcism can be arranged through us if wanted, using clergy from your faith.

Once the investigation is complete we do not just disappear with our evidence. We will be available if you should ever need us for anything.
All investigating is done FREE OF CHARGE. We ask for no payment for our services. If things such as airline tickets, long travel, several overnight stays, etc., are required we may ask for assistance in travel expenses and so forth.



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